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home of the hatters

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Posted 1 month ago @ 10:52AM

KV Spring Sports Requirements

Greetings KV,

The following information is meant for parents/guardians of any 7th and 8th graders interested in participating on a KV Spring Sports team.

KV Spring sports practices & tryouts begin on:

              Boys Tennis: March 20th (tryouts)

              Girls Lacrosse: March 20th (tryouts)

              Boys Lacrosse: March 21st

              Boys & Girls Track: March 21st

              Softball: March 22nd (tryouts)

              Baseball: March 22nd (tryouts)

PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME YOUR STUDENT WILL BE CLEARED TO PARTICIPATE IN SPRING SPORTS UNTIL YOU READ BELOW. Paperwork will need to be completed by all parents/guardians of all Spring student-athletes.

Returning KV Student-Athletes:

              This includes all students who have fully participated in a KV fall or winter sport during the 2022-23 school year. In order to participate in a KV Spring sport, you must complete PIAA Section 8 electronically through ATS. Please sign in using the link below and follow the instructions to complete PIAA Section 8. If you forgot your ATS login information, I emailed this info to all student’s school email accounts on January 30th

              ATS Athlete Portal     

              Database: atshhhs


              1. Click on “Athlete Information”

              2. Click on “Forms” tab

3. Scroll down and click on the drop-down arrow along the lower left-hand side next to “Form Name”

              4. Click on “New”

              5. Complete PIAA Section 8 and submit

6. If you’ve answered “Yes” to any questions on PIAA Section 8, you will need to have your student’s doctor complete a PIAA Section 9

7. PIAA Section 9 can be printed out by clicking on “Athlete Information,” then the “eFiles” tab, and then download PIAA Section 9. This form can then be uploaded on the “eFiles” tab after it is completed by a doctor.

First-Time KV Student-Athletes:

              This includes students who have NOT participated on a fall or winter sports team during the 2022-23 school year. Please follow the directions in the link below to complete all required sports paperwork. ATS Login information was emailed to each student’s school email address on January 30th:

              Directions to Complete Required Paperwork

All Sports Paperwork is due before February 28th!

ImPACT Testing

All spring student-athletes (except boys tennis) need a completed ImPACT baseline test on file before day one of spring sports. Directions on completing these baseline tests will be emailed to each student-athlete after sign-ups are completed on February 28th. If you’ve already taken an ImPACT baseline test this fall or winter, you do NOT need to take another one.

Thank you for your continued support,


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