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Fall Sports Pre-season Procedures

KV Student-Athletes & Parents,

Please take a few minutes to read through each item in order to be prepared for the start of Fall Sports


If your child would like to participate in a sport this fall, you should have already turned in a completed PIAA Physical and Code of Conduct through ATS. These were due on September 1st. If you have not yet turned these items in, please work on submitting them asap. Instructions on how to complete this paperwork can be found here:

Each student’s ATS login credentials were emailed to their school email account on Tuesday, June 29th.

ImPACT Testing:

Student-athletes need to complete an ImPACT baseline test online before participating in sports. This is mandatory for all athletes except those playing Girls Tennis. Instructions on how to complete this test were emailed out last Thursday while many of us, including the district, were left without power. These instructions came from . If you are able to complete this ImPACT test before Monday, 9/13, please do so. For those students that are still without power or unable to complete the ImPACT test, Mr. Carr will complete the test with those students on Monday afternoon, 9/13, in the cafeteria during PACE period.


Fall Sports will begin on the following dates. Please take note of these dates as some may have changed:

Girls Soccer: Mon, Sept 13th

Girls Volleyball: Mon, Sept 13th

Girls Field Hockey: Mon, Sept 13th

Girls Tennis: Mon, Sept 13th

Girls Cheer: Mon, Sept 20th

Boys Soccer: Mon, September 20th

JV Football: Mon, September 13th

Varsity Football: Mon, September 13th

Students should bring all necessary sports gear with them to school on their first day of practices and tryouts. Students will store their sports bags and gear in their homeroom. Students can pick these items up during PACE at the end of the day.



Please be aware that there are some sports at KV where we will need to have tryouts. Although we would love to give every kid an opportunity to participate on the team of their choice, we simply can’t keep everybody. Judging by the signups thus far, it looks like we will be having tryouts for Cheer, Girls & Boys Soccer, and Girls Volleyball. For those students that do not make the team, we would encourage you to consider joining another KV fall team that did not need to have tryouts. Please do not be discouraged from trying out for the sport you really want to play! We simply want to make you aware of the tryout procedure so that you can mentally prepare yourselves ahead of time.


All students must bring their own personal water bottles. There will be absolutely no sharing of water bottles or any personal items.


Indoors: masks must be worn at all times. This includes during active participation. Masks must also be worn while riding the school bus for sports.

Outdoors: Masks are optional for athletes competing in outdoor sports.

Late Buses:

KV will provide 5:15pm late buses after every practice and event, Monday through Friday. These buses will be located behind the KV upper gym. Students are encouraged to utilize these late buses as a means of transportation after practices and home games.

Parent Pickup:

Parents that would like to pick up their student-athlete should arrive at KV at 5:05pm. To allow pickups to flow better, we will have three separate pickup locations. Please reference our field map to get a good idea of the specific pickup locations: Field Map

Volleyball Parents: Please pick up your student-athlete in front of the KV Upper Gym.

Football, Cheer, & Field Hockey Parents: Please pick up your student-athlete in the lower parking lot. This is the lot right next to the football stadium & field hockey field.

Girls Tennis, Boys & Girls Soccer Parents: Please pick up your student-athlete in the side parking lot. This is the long lot (marked on the map as Olive Ave) just above the Tennis courts and Baseball 1 Field.

Other Considerations:

Please stay home if you are not feeling well for any reason.

Parents & spectators will NOT be permitted to stay and watch any practices. We will only allow parents and spectators to view contests.  

If you would like to take a look at our Fall sports game & competition schedules, you can find them on our KV athletics website:

Thank you for taking the time to read through and understand these procedures. Mr. Carr will also be reviewing these procedures in school with the student-athletes. We look forward to the start of a great Fall season!

Thank you for your support,

Mr. Carr

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